Current members

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Dr Andrew Tanentzap - Group Leader

Andrew is interested in predicting how ecosystems will respond to future environmental change, particularly at the base of food webs.  His research tackles this question using a blend of theory, large empirical datasets, and modern statistical approaches. 



Dr Javier Igea - Post Doctoral Research Associate

Javi has a long standing interest in speciation and phylogenetics.  His research focuses on understanding how biodiversity is generated and why it is unevenly distributed, both across the Tree Of Life and the globe.


Dr Yi Zhang - Lab Manager

Yi did her PhD and postdoc research on jasmonate signaling regulating plant growth. She manages the wet labs and supports research projects for the three ecology groups in Plant Sciences and helps with undergraduate teaching practicals.


Chloé Orland - PhD student (year 4)

Chloé is studying how terrestrially-derived organic matter is mobilized into aquatic food webs.  She uses metagenomics and flux techniques to link microbial composition and function in boreal lake sediments.


Samuel Woodman - PhD student (year 1)

Sam is interested in how disturbances associated with climate change will alter land-water linkages.  He has been combining remote-sensing of forest disturbance with long-term water chemistry data across multiple lake districs in Canada.


Recent members


Dr Erik Emilson - Post Doctoral Research Associate

Erik worked on the RELATED experiment, with a particular interest in how the properties of dissolved organic matter influenced carbon cycling.  He is now Research Scientist, Forest Aquatic Ecology for Natural Resources Canada.


Amelia Fitch - MPhil (2017)

Amelia studied the differences in how bacteria functioned between a dark and clear lake in our RELATED experiment.


Päivi Pirhonen - MPhil (2016)

Päivi evaluated the effectiveness of agri-environment schemes for reducing nutrient pollution in waterways across East Anglia.